Your Central Coast Telco invoice

You can receive your invoice in two ways

  1. Electronic copy by email
  2. Paper copy by mail

We encourage customers to take up our emailed invoice option to reduce paper usage and help improve our environment.

What is Platypus for Business?

Our Platypus platform is a useful tool which enables businesses to access their own detailed invoice analysis, cost allocation and historical usage analysis, plus many other beneficial features.

What is ‘pro-rata’ billing?

Within the telecommunications industry it is commonplace for a service to attract a monthly access fee and also have monthly plan inclusions.

Each service providers charges a monthly access fee in return for providing you with access to a nominated service.

Your monthly plan inclusions are the features or values that you are provided as part of your chosen service plan. These will vary depending upon the plan you sign up to, but could include an amount or number of included calls, SMS, MMS or an included data allowance.

If you connect to a service partway through a month then you will be charged for the period that you use the service. This is called pro-rata billing.

Similarly, if your plan change or cancellation request is processed midway through the month, then any monthly access fees and plan inclusions will also be applied pro-rata.

When will ‘pro-rata’ charges display on my Central Coast Telco invoice?

• When you first sign-up to Central Coast Telco services, OR

• When you make a change to your service plan, cancel a service, or cease all services with Central Coast Telco.

Why is my invoice so large?

Most telco providers invoice in advance for their services and equipment fees, but some invoice in arrears.

When you transfer to Central Coast Telco you will be invoiced in advance for the month.  Your first account from us could cover anywhere between 4 – 8 weeks of service, depending on what point in the month you sign up.  As this first account will cover more than a month’s expenses, it will be higher than your normal monthly account.


You sign up with Central Coast Telco and your services are transferred on 14th September.  On 5th October you will receive your Central Coast Telco account with service(s) and equipment from 15th September to 31st October.  Your second invoice will detail service(s) and equipment from 1st November to 31st November.

Similarly, when you make a change to your service plan, cancel a service or cease all services with Central Coast Telco, you will see a credit for any unused portion of the monthly access fee you already paid (up until the end of the current billing cycle) and where applicable you will see a charge for the new monthly access fee.  This charge will cover you to the end of the current billing cycle in addition to the subsequent months charge.

Concerns about pro-rata billing

If you have any concerns about pro-rata billing or how to read your Central Coast Telco invoice talk to our Customer Help staff on 1300 228 128


Account holders can add an Authorised Representative to their Central Coast Telco account to give them full authority to act on their behalf.  There are 3 types of Authorised Representative:

  1. Full Authority – Has full access to make all types of changes to accounts, including adding additional services and cancelling existing services.
  2. Billing Authority – Can make enquiries regarding billing and invoices, but cannot add or remove services.
  3. Technical Authority – Can make enquiries regarding faults and troubleshooting but cannot obtain information regarding billing or make any changes to services on the account.

To add an authorised representative please call our Customer Help Team on 1300 228 128, visit us in store or download a customer application form here